When to use Use Cases

Imagine that you have a project that you want to build, the only problem is that you don’t know when or how to start it, this when you can use Use Cases procedure.

Use cases is a method that allows the users to identify, organize and clarify the requirements of their projects. This method describes step by step what the user needs to accomplish in order to get a successful project, in each step there is a specific goal to accomplish and how to avoid mistakes, this method allows the user to decidir which path will he choose to create his product.

  • Organize the requirements
  • A sequence of follow up actions
  • Multi use model, if it worked for something it should work for something else
  • The vision of the goal of the product
the instant of success - had to snap a photo
Blake Patterson– This is a picture of one of the firsts Mac computers

How to use it

Fist of all the user needs to have a clear idea of what he is trying to achieve, Secondly, describe the process that he will follow in order to get the product, Thirdly, the user must check and re-check the product in order to give maintenance to the system, and Finally, repeat the process until the product achieves the main goal, previously established.

I will try to give an example of how can a use cases model can be used, We are going to use a normal shopping situation as an example

First of all describe the users, and their responsabilities.

  • Customer: look for an item, purchase item, cancel purchase.
  • Seller: look for an item, add item, delete item, ship item.

Once you have described the actions that can perform the users, now you must create a model with this actions, and relate the actions to the users allowed to realize them, this model should look like this.

This a picture of the use case model described in the last parragraph

Personal Opinion

This a nice way to represent the actions that the users are allowed to perform once your project is done, it is basically what your project must be available to perform and verifies the permisions and restrictions of users, in every big project development there must be a document that describes the main functionality of the project, the requirements, the goals, the process that needs to be followed in order to create a project, I consider this model to be an easy option to explain the permitions of the users, this is definetely an easier way to see the users potential.

At the moment I am working on a tennis project for one of my subjects, and in this project we must implement every topic that I am posting, for this example I woul like to show you how our use cases model looks like, this project allows the users to play tennis, the thing is that uour project is basically a datin app, just instead of dating users play tennis and get fun.

This a picture of an use cases model made by one of my colleages

If you want to know more about our project check my colleage Francisco’s post.


Brandenburg, L. (s.f) How to write a use case. Bridging the gap. Retrieved from: https://www.bridging-the-gap.com/what-is-a-use-case/


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