Deadline 10 & 11

Before reading

In the previous chapters we talked about two new different characters one that seems to be a current character, Markov, and one that only appeared to show Mr T about project managemen and how to assure that the projects that he is doing get to their full potential, Dr Rizoli, they were not the most interesting chapters of all but sure they taught us a lot about project manamegent, which of course is the focus of the book, now lets read The Deadline.

Chapter 10

Time has happened since the last chapter apparently Mr T is in Rome because he has been living the life of a project manager, and by that time he actually contacts with a friend to know about the money that the morovians promised for him, that since the first day a big amount of money would be in his account and as they said the money was in its account, by talking to that friend they get to remember a boss of Mr T when he was an employee back in the day, Mr T actually remembered this person because he was actually a really good boss, if an employee remember a boss is either for one of two reasons, that boss was actually extremely great, or it was extremely rude, there is no middle point in here.

As they keep talking his friend actually introduces someone that could be usefull for Mr T, this person names Jamid, they get to meet once they are there, Mr T of course wants to know about what Jamid has done for project management because eventhough Mr T is not the most expert of all, he is going to keep learning until he becomes the best, Jamid tries to explain Mr T that usually the guts are not always the best to follow, that sometimes models need to be made, even when they are not the most accurate way to meassure things, it is for sure one good way to know if something is taking the course that we want it to take of what course would be taking by doin certain changes, models and simulations could be really helpful because they are easy to understand and can predict the behaviour of the process.

This is a gif of a simulation of a car that is about to get off road – giphy

Team production is very variant because it does not follows matematical rules, so every simulation is a proyection of what the best scenario could look like, one example that they give in the book is that if 5 developers finishes a proyect in 12 months, then 10 developers would finish it in 6 months, and that could make sense, if about pure math we were talking about but in project management is kinda diferent because time would be wasted between the team because adding new people uses the team time to teach how things should be done. In big projects there is always someone being trained, someone that is leaving and someone that trains, this of course is not expected in a matematical formula but sure it can be represented by a simulation.

Finally Jamid gives a copy of a modeling software to Mr T so he can also start modeling for his projects.

Chapter 11

Mr T has never feelt so happy before, being fired and then being kidnapped by Lahska was actually the best that could posibily happend to him, he has Belinda and Markov by his side, just as every of us we have had, they were the dream tream of the novel. He was just as happy as a kind in christmas morning, he has his own boss, the only person who was above him was the NNL, but he agreed with every decision made by Mr T so there was no one above him, everything was running perfectly, but of course our hero needed some obstacles to make the novel interesting so then a bad new came.

After a morning walk by the city in his office there was a man waiting for Mr T, a man named Mr Belok, as soon as he enters his office he sees the sign that Waldo made that was counting the days left until the DEADLINE, but the day before the counter that was marked in the sign was 607, today was 420, not even 421, or even 419, 420, as if nobody of us would get that reference, a funny but not needed reference.

This is a gif of a lady dancing with a quote “Who’s the boss?” – gihpy

Mr Belok introduces himself and explains to Mr T that the NNL had leave Morovia, and he is going to be away for a while, meanwhile Belok would be in charge of everything in Morovia, this including the projects that Mr T is manageging, so with every day Morovia is loosing a great amount of money, that is why he decided to reduce the deadline, reducing it by 25%, this because the amount of money that Morovia would be gaining would be greater than the one they expected before.

There is nothing left for Mr T to do, he tried everything to convince Belok that changing the deadline was not the option, but Belok did not change his mind, so the only thing that Mr T can do is to follow Belok’s rules, did he?, well the dream team actually planned something can be actually follow Mr Belok’s rules but at the same time doing the projects as they want it, of course this would be all secret, because at the end of the day there is no job with no politics.

My own experience

Usually when a project is made by you, a serious project there certain kind of documentation you must be done, this documentation includes, the purpose of your project, the model that you are going to be following, how the project is connected within, the reviews and other things that can be used to read your project and understand it by anyone who reads that document. Actualy in any job, no matter which job you are in, there are always politics, no matter how liberalistic a company can be, the world is ruled by politics, so the companies, imagine being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want it, it would be a total disaster, politics acts like rules, rules to keep the order of things.

This is a gif of Emma Stone saying “Two options, you either follow my rules or follow my rules” – giphy

This post Deadline

Ok this was totally really different from what we expected from the previous chapters, seems like the novel has some ups and downs, sometimes it keeps us so trapped that we want to know more about the story, and something we just want to finish reading because it actualy feels like a wikipedia article, these chapters were more like the second one, do not missunderstand me, I like it, the part where it teaches us that there is no free job, and mapping is always a good measurement tool I really felt like that was interesting, what I dit not find interesting was the part that actually they teaches us this, in a dialog, there just two people talking and thats the way that the books teaches us these kinds of things, It is not bad, but not the best, I would hope to see more story examples with a little message at the end that shows us what the book is triyng to tell us, for this reason y will give a 6/10, because the novel really got me and now it started to lose me again.

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