Deadline 8 & 9

Before reading

The last chapter that we talked about The Deadline it actually ended in a very instrctural way.
the chapter focusen on teaching us how to recognize when a interviewer really cares about the team they are into, instead of just working and developing, the main focus of the previous chapters were to realize that creating a loving work eviroment is actually more important than just having the best developers, lets see what the book has for us now.

Chapter 8

The chapter starts in a diferent way that from where ended the last time, Mr T gives a brief explanation of what has been happening during the projects work, because all of the six projects seem to have already started to beeing developed, for each project there is 3 teams developing the same product, to see how rivality and competition can influence in the teams to create one really great project.

Mr T statrs thinking about what would they need to controll the teams and how does these teams are going to be evaluated in terms of success, Lahska who is the one that kidnapped Mr T suddenly remembers of a famous doctor names Dr Rizoli, who is a manager that has run some very cleverly controlled experiments, he could be the one that helps Mr T with his problem, Mr T recognizes that Rizoli could be really helpfull for his project, but how would Mr T convince sush a famous character to fly to Morovia just to talk about six projects, little did he know that Lhaska was actually setted uo everything to make Rizoli arrive at Morovia, and this time without kidnapping, just confunsing Rizoli, one really tricky but clever way to reclute Rizoli.

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Once they finally meet, Mr T asks Rizoli about the six projects, in which Rizoli agreeds, competition helps because keeps the developers focussed, also Mr T asks Rizoli to see if he knows a way to make things faster and better, like an easy way, which Rizoli answers that there is no such things as short term fix in business, not in their field, that the best way to do things faster is to avoid wasting time, the most common problem that makes softwares fail is that software projects are either late or wasted, but that there is always a sign when a project is about to fail, that can be prevented if you are capable of noticing them.

Chapter 9

This chapter is kinda short because either it is not that much interesting or does not brings anything relevant to the main story, anyway we are going to talk about this chapter. once the talk with Rizoli ended, he went back to his place, and everything needed to work as normally, Belinda, who is the girl that accepted to work with Mr T for a shopping cart, reminds Mr T that there are plenty of interviews left to do because there are teams that still needs people, also the NNL, which is the morovian leader, wants to get involved in the interviews, but of course he does not know anything about when to notice someone that is suitable for the job and someone who is not.

In the middle of a conversation between these three people, Mr T realized that all the imterviewers that are actually not accepted get a job with one administration, this administrator is actually an ex general that decided to become a project manager instead of leaving morovia, the NNL knows this general administrator, called Markov, they arrange a meeting with this pm general.

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In this meeting with the general he actually tells them that he has been in charge of a lots of people all over the time, he is not actually the most technological man in the world, but he trully believes that technology is a tool that can be used to help the world, that many of the projects that has been developed by know are to make things easier for humans and help to always keep evolving, he says that is not easy to be in charge of a lot of people but there are some ways that can make things easier, that of course he will be willing to help, but that in his experience most of the software projects are cancelled, useless or not delivered this because bad organization during the team controls.

My own experience

I have never managed a project so big so I do not know if the decision to let 3 diferent teams to develop the same problem could be that usefull, I have been in events where something similar happes, in hackatons there are some problems that the teams must solution within a certain amount of time, this gives pressure and competition between those teams and yeeh, it keeps you focussed, during some of the projects that I have done it is true that there is no easy way, and avoiding wasting time is fundamental to develope a functional software, and yes, most of the times software projects are risky, but as every thing that is risky, its rewards usually tends to be great.

This post Deadline

In these chapters we did not se that much of an involving topic, not even a mistery or a missunderstanding, there was just people talking about some software details, that basically thats just what it is all about this novel, this is supposed to be a novel that teaches you about project management, and of course it does it, at the same time that involves you into a story that has its own ups and downs, this time was not the best for the story but it was helpfull for the pm topics, so in this case I am rating these chapters as a 7/10, because it teaches you something but the story is actually not relevant.

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