Working from home?

The next document is about a podcast episode from CBC spark, more specifically it would about how working from home may seem a little different to some people but for others it like working as usual. As we all know in the current situation world wide there has been a direct order to stay home as much as they can, for some countries there is actually a certain kind of punishment because of breaking the rules, because the situation that is happening requires us to stay home to stay safe, even when working from home is not a possibility for everyone.

These seems something a little different from the ones who are talking because they have already talked about working from home but actually never talked about working from home, from home, which is funny thing.

Technology is a very special tool that now gives the opportunity to people to do the kind of thing that they are used to, but from home, even though this is not a solution for everyone, as they say, waiters, cashiers, food delivery people, and many more. This is actually one of the biggest barriers of the current working environment there are some people that can not do home work and that is the most difficult part about this pandemic.

On the first part of the podcast the speaker asks a serie of questions to a woman who is the CEO of a company, a company that actually has been doing remote work (home work) for a long time, the woman says that the main reason why remote work can be really successful is because there is actually no office distractions at all, there is nobody looking at you and what you are doing, and because they only work for 32 hours a week it gives everyone the opportunity to do other kind of things and not get overwhelmed by the job, and the way they communicate between them is trough emails and zoom videocalls, zoom viceocalls are usually when some really important topic must be solved.

Don’t misunderstand me, there are some benefits about working in an office but for that company those benefits does not overshadow the benefits of working remotely, and there is actually ways to make a great work environment, because as we saw in the previous deadline chapters the most important part about working in a team is to be in a loving work environment, that makes the workers feel a little happier, and help them to provide better results.

There is something really interesting about what they say about our private life, because when we are working remotely, we are most likely doing it in our houses, and of course our house is part of our private life, you do not invite everyone to know to you house, just a few of them, but when working remotely and videocalls are usually required managers usually ask the employees to have their cameras on, this because in my experience you can see what other feel through their expressions, it not that you actually want to violate their privacy but because you want to make the environment with the coworkers a enjoyable environment.

Usually remote work can be easy, for those who live alone and have like no distractions at all, but in these times, quarantine is the thing that we all are suppose to be doing, and because you are in your home “safe” you will be doing the kind of things that you would normally do when you are in home, like sing out loud when taking a shower, whistling all over the house, ask for things yelling, watching a movie, playing really loud songs, or even doing nothing, and for those who are supposed to be working and have like childer or people who have nothing to do at the moment results really hard to focus on the things they are doing because getting distracted is actually easier than getting focused when not living alone.

But what is actually happening to those who actually can not work remotely?, are they not working at all, are they doing it but cautioustly?, whan would happened to them if this gets worst?, all these kind of questions is the kind of questions that actually have no right answer, as the podcast says, food delivers still do it, but restaurants are all empty, the packages that their deliver they usually deliver them without having contact with the customer and washing and disinfecting everything.

The last part of the podcast is about what it takes to work efficiently from home, and the main thing that actually get the full potential of remote work is to being able to work in a work enviroment, if you are alone, no distractions and things that would get you focused then you are ready to work from home, but like most of the people out there our houses are places to get comfy, to do whatever we want and do the noise that we want, there is a lot of distraction generators that makes us not to get focused on these kind of things, working from home is a possibility that not everyone can do, and if you can do it there is a high chance that actually the environment you work in is not the one expected, so working from home becomes really hard for a lot of people, not only cashiers and food delivery, for the mayority of the people working remotely is not an option because there is nothing they can do.

Now talking from what I see

First of all what you need to know is that actually I am from Mexico, which means that the panorama that I see is totally different from other countries, here in Mexico only 35% of the companies offers the opportunity to work remotely, what happens to the other 65% of the companies that are not optimal to do home office?, what about the people that actually does not work for any company but they need to go out to work? In Mexico is a reality that not everyone can do home office, there are a lot of people who actually need to go outside to gain money, and if there is not all, most of the people in Mexico gain what they need, by this what I am trying to say is that there is a lot of Mexican people that their salary is only enough to pay the basic needs, what would happen to these kind of people, the ones that are living at the day?, quarantine is a great solution, but is not the solution for all.

The consequences that this coronavirus will bring to Mexico are something that the country have never seen before, because no grocery stores, no restaurants, no selling departments, no malls, no touristic places to visit, no tianguis, can someone imagine what would happen to a Mexico that would not be able to gain any money during the quarantine, if there is something that defines a Mexican is that a Mexican would do everything that he can to bring a bread to the table, but imagine, if no work can be done while quarantine how would a Mexican bring bread to his home?, by the only thing that can be done without working, delinquency, the rate of delinquency in Mexico would grow drastically, because people would not be able to gain any money, we do not know how much time would this coronavirus quarantine willlast, the only thing that we know is that Mexico is not prepared for the upcoming things, Mexico is going to face something that has never faced before, that is going to affect the economy in ways that we actually did not know that could be affected, things are getting rough for Mexico and will get worst, sacrifices will need to be done, a lot of people would quit school, a lot of people would get fired, and a lot of people will suffer, Mexico is not prepared and by how the information is communicated I do not feel prepared.

I am a student currently doing nothing studying and working on a project for Cisco, we have been moved to take classes via Zoom, and it is of course kinda different from having face to face experience, it is true that is actually harder to get focused on the things we are doing, bad internet conection is a constant problem, it is hard to get accustomed to the new experience of studying from home, and apparently teachers think that we have nothing to do in our houses that gives larges amounts of homework to do, is something that we did not asked for it but is the only solution available by the time, I really think that the amount of money that we need to pay get reduced, because we are not having all the experience the university offers, which for me it is like to pay for a service that it is not been granted to you at the moment, one time a teacher told me that we actually payed for the school bus even if we do not use it, a bus that at the moment is not being used by any mean, then why should we pay the same amount of money for only online classes?, something that I do not understand at the time, having classes from home is something cool do not misunderstand me, but this is not the way that things need to be ruled, my thoughts on this.

Yeah working from home seems a great alternative, for the ones who can do it, for me and my family working from home is not an option, even today 29/03/2020 we needed to go outside to work, because if we do no get out we do not make any money, if this quarantine lasts for two months or more imagine how would be for those who are actually in a worst position than ours, people are getting sick, people are dying and here in Mexico we do not have enough resources to have them all under care, whatever comes to Mexico I really hope that we are strong enough to get through it, we got rid of Spain, we got rid of USA, we can get rid of coronavirus things, as my last words, please stay safe, if you need to go outside because you have no other alternative then do it, but take care of yourself, take the precautions to avoid getting infected, and to the best you can with your money, buy only what is needed and use the last drop of water, things are getting hard but we are harder than that.

Deadline 10 & 11

Before reading

In the previous chapters we talked about two new different characters one that seems to be a current character, Markov, and one that only appeared to show Mr T about project managemen and how to assure that the projects that he is doing get to their full potential, Dr Rizoli, they were not the most interesting chapters of all but sure they taught us a lot about project manamegent, which of course is the focus of the book, now lets read The Deadline.

Chapter 10

Time has happened since the last chapter apparently Mr T is in Rome because he has been living the life of a project manager, and by that time he actually contacts with a friend to know about the money that the morovians promised for him, that since the first day a big amount of money would be in his account and as they said the money was in its account, by talking to that friend they get to remember a boss of Mr T when he was an employee back in the day, Mr T actually remembered this person because he was actually a really good boss, if an employee remember a boss is either for one of two reasons, that boss was actually extremely great, or it was extremely rude, there is no middle point in here.

As they keep talking his friend actually introduces someone that could be usefull for Mr T, this person names Jamid, they get to meet once they are there, Mr T of course wants to know about what Jamid has done for project management because eventhough Mr T is not the most expert of all, he is going to keep learning until he becomes the best, Jamid tries to explain Mr T that usually the guts are not always the best to follow, that sometimes models need to be made, even when they are not the most accurate way to meassure things, it is for sure one good way to know if something is taking the course that we want it to take of what course would be taking by doin certain changes, models and simulations could be really helpful because they are easy to understand and can predict the behaviour of the process.

This is a gif of a simulation of a car that is about to get off road – giphy

Team production is very variant because it does not follows matematical rules, so every simulation is a proyection of what the best scenario could look like, one example that they give in the book is that if 5 developers finishes a proyect in 12 months, then 10 developers would finish it in 6 months, and that could make sense, if about pure math we were talking about but in project management is kinda diferent because time would be wasted between the team because adding new people uses the team time to teach how things should be done. In big projects there is always someone being trained, someone that is leaving and someone that trains, this of course is not expected in a matematical formula but sure it can be represented by a simulation.

Finally Jamid gives a copy of a modeling software to Mr T so he can also start modeling for his projects.

Chapter 11

Mr T has never feelt so happy before, being fired and then being kidnapped by Lahska was actually the best that could posibily happend to him, he has Belinda and Markov by his side, just as every of us we have had, they were the dream tream of the novel. He was just as happy as a kind in christmas morning, he has his own boss, the only person who was above him was the NNL, but he agreed with every decision made by Mr T so there was no one above him, everything was running perfectly, but of course our hero needed some obstacles to make the novel interesting so then a bad new came.

After a morning walk by the city in his office there was a man waiting for Mr T, a man named Mr Belok, as soon as he enters his office he sees the sign that Waldo made that was counting the days left until the DEADLINE, but the day before the counter that was marked in the sign was 607, today was 420, not even 421, or even 419, 420, as if nobody of us would get that reference, a funny but not needed reference.

This is a gif of a lady dancing with a quote “Who’s the boss?” – gihpy

Mr Belok introduces himself and explains to Mr T that the NNL had leave Morovia, and he is going to be away for a while, meanwhile Belok would be in charge of everything in Morovia, this including the projects that Mr T is manageging, so with every day Morovia is loosing a great amount of money, that is why he decided to reduce the deadline, reducing it by 25%, this because the amount of money that Morovia would be gaining would be greater than the one they expected before.

There is nothing left for Mr T to do, he tried everything to convince Belok that changing the deadline was not the option, but Belok did not change his mind, so the only thing that Mr T can do is to follow Belok’s rules, did he?, well the dream team actually planned something can be actually follow Mr Belok’s rules but at the same time doing the projects as they want it, of course this would be all secret, because at the end of the day there is no job with no politics.

My own experience

Usually when a project is made by you, a serious project there certain kind of documentation you must be done, this documentation includes, the purpose of your project, the model that you are going to be following, how the project is connected within, the reviews and other things that can be used to read your project and understand it by anyone who reads that document. Actualy in any job, no matter which job you are in, there are always politics, no matter how liberalistic a company can be, the world is ruled by politics, so the companies, imagine being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want it, it would be a total disaster, politics acts like rules, rules to keep the order of things.

This is a gif of Emma Stone saying “Two options, you either follow my rules or follow my rules” – giphy

This post Deadline

Ok this was totally really different from what we expected from the previous chapters, seems like the novel has some ups and downs, sometimes it keeps us so trapped that we want to know more about the story, and something we just want to finish reading because it actualy feels like a wikipedia article, these chapters were more like the second one, do not missunderstand me, I like it, the part where it teaches us that there is no free job, and mapping is always a good measurement tool I really felt like that was interesting, what I dit not find interesting was the part that actually they teaches us this, in a dialog, there just two people talking and thats the way that the books teaches us these kinds of things, It is not bad, but not the best, I would hope to see more story examples with a little message at the end that shows us what the book is triyng to tell us, for this reason y will give a 6/10, because the novel really got me and now it started to lose me again.

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Deadline 8 & 9

Before reading

The last chapter that we talked about The Deadline it actually ended in a very instrctural way.
the chapter focusen on teaching us how to recognize when a interviewer really cares about the team they are into, instead of just working and developing, the main focus of the previous chapters were to realize that creating a loving work eviroment is actually more important than just having the best developers, lets see what the book has for us now.

Chapter 8

The chapter starts in a diferent way that from where ended the last time, Mr T gives a brief explanation of what has been happening during the projects work, because all of the six projects seem to have already started to beeing developed, for each project there is 3 teams developing the same product, to see how rivality and competition can influence in the teams to create one really great project.

Mr T statrs thinking about what would they need to controll the teams and how does these teams are going to be evaluated in terms of success, Lahska who is the one that kidnapped Mr T suddenly remembers of a famous doctor names Dr Rizoli, who is a manager that has run some very cleverly controlled experiments, he could be the one that helps Mr T with his problem, Mr T recognizes that Rizoli could be really helpfull for his project, but how would Mr T convince sush a famous character to fly to Morovia just to talk about six projects, little did he know that Lhaska was actually setted uo everything to make Rizoli arrive at Morovia, and this time without kidnapping, just confunsing Rizoli, one really tricky but clever way to reclute Rizoli.

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Once they finally meet, Mr T asks Rizoli about the six projects, in which Rizoli agreeds, competition helps because keeps the developers focussed, also Mr T asks Rizoli to see if he knows a way to make things faster and better, like an easy way, which Rizoli answers that there is no such things as short term fix in business, not in their field, that the best way to do things faster is to avoid wasting time, the most common problem that makes softwares fail is that software projects are either late or wasted, but that there is always a sign when a project is about to fail, that can be prevented if you are capable of noticing them.

Chapter 9

This chapter is kinda short because either it is not that much interesting or does not brings anything relevant to the main story, anyway we are going to talk about this chapter. once the talk with Rizoli ended, he went back to his place, and everything needed to work as normally, Belinda, who is the girl that accepted to work with Mr T for a shopping cart, reminds Mr T that there are plenty of interviews left to do because there are teams that still needs people, also the NNL, which is the morovian leader, wants to get involved in the interviews, but of course he does not know anything about when to notice someone that is suitable for the job and someone who is not.

In the middle of a conversation between these three people, Mr T realized that all the imterviewers that are actually not accepted get a job with one administration, this administrator is actually an ex general that decided to become a project manager instead of leaving morovia, the NNL knows this general administrator, called Markov, they arrange a meeting with this pm general.

This is a gif of a general leading his army (kinda) – giphy

In this meeting with the general he actually tells them that he has been in charge of a lots of people all over the time, he is not actually the most technological man in the world, but he trully believes that technology is a tool that can be used to help the world, that many of the projects that has been developed by know are to make things easier for humans and help to always keep evolving, he says that is not easy to be in charge of a lot of people but there are some ways that can make things easier, that of course he will be willing to help, but that in his experience most of the software projects are cancelled, useless or not delivered this because bad organization during the team controls.

My own experience

I have never managed a project so big so I do not know if the decision to let 3 diferent teams to develop the same problem could be that usefull, I have been in events where something similar happes, in hackatons there are some problems that the teams must solution within a certain amount of time, this gives pressure and competition between those teams and yeeh, it keeps you focussed, during some of the projects that I have done it is true that there is no easy way, and avoiding wasting time is fundamental to develope a functional software, and yes, most of the times software projects are risky, but as every thing that is risky, its rewards usually tends to be great.

This post Deadline

In these chapters we did not se that much of an involving topic, not even a mistery or a missunderstanding, there was just people talking about some software details, that basically thats just what it is all about this novel, this is supposed to be a novel that teaches you about project management, and of course it does it, at the same time that involves you into a story that has its own ups and downs, this time was not the best for the story but it was helpfull for the pm topics, so in this case I am rating these chapters as a 7/10, because it teaches you something but the story is actually not relevant.

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Dealine 6 & 7

Before reading

The last time we talked about this novel it ended up surprising us because all of a sudden the bad novel that we remembered became a really atractive novel with some little details that made me continue reading withought feeling tired, this time I expect the novel to stay as good as it was the previous chapters.

At the end of the last chapter Mr T felt a little awkward about the project that dicussed with the NNL, the Morovian leader, because for Mr T the way that the NNL wanted to create the project was not the one that Mr T was expecting to do, so he felt like he was not doing what he really wanted to do, with no more things to say lets read.

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Chapter 6

At the beggining of the chapter Mr T was still not sure that the project is what he really wanted to do, but because he has already accepted the job he had nothing left to do than start his work, he felt a little insecure because he had never managed that many people, Lahska gifted a book about project management, and what Mr T used to do is that at the end of every chapter he wrote down in his diary what he had learned, the only problem is that the book was not teaching anything usefull to Mr T so he inmediately stopped doing it because he had nothing to write down, kinda the same what happened to us at the beginning of the book.

Waldo showed up asking Mr T if he was ready to start working, but Mr T had a little problem and it was that he did not know how to make the decisions, in his previous jobs he had some people to discuss what the best option was, but know he was alone, Waldo told him that probably there was one person that could help him with that, his predecesor, a woman called Belinda, a woman who according to Lahska has never missed an appointment, whose projects were allways succesfull, a bad lady.

Mr T get to know this misterious woman, and little did he know that Belinda was actually a leadershipn in project management, one of the advices that Belinda gives to Mr T is that it is allways good to speak your mind, say what you want to say when you want to say it, but the most important advice about project management is that PM is not about being the leader is about having guts, heart and soul.

Guts : The voice inside you that tells you who is and who is not.

Heart :People follow their leader not because they are succesfull but because they love their leaders.

Soul : Real work enviroment requires close, warm and intimate connections between team members.

Management has to do with trusting your team, trust that they are capable of doing something even when they are not asked to do it. Mr T offered Belinda to work with him, of course Belinda wanted something, and that something was nothing less than a shopping cart.

this is a gif of two hearts dancing – giphy

Chapter 7

This chapter is a short one, so the things that we learned in this one are nothing compared to the last chaper. The chapters starts with Mr T and Belinda meeting up to decide which are going to be the project managers for the six projects that must be done, there is a pile of resumes in the desk that Belinda organices from the best to the worst, at the time Waldo, who is Mr T’s assistant tells them that he has list of the interviews that hey must do before the day ends, these interviews are to choose the PM’s.

The first interview starts with a man that tries to explain what PM is for him, that basically says that PM is about the leader telling everyone what must be done, that the work is done by the leader and the team members are just following orders, which of course is not what Belinda and Mr T are looking, Belinda explains the interviewed that actually being a PM is not about being the one who tells everyone what they need to do, being a PM is about preparing everyone for the fight, that when the fight comes, everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it, even when they are not asked to do it, they know, the job of a PM ends when the fight starts and everyone starts acting, that is what PM is all about Belinda explains.

Belinda is the one that seems to be teaching a lot of things to Mr T, this because back in the day she was the best in the field, everyone would like to work with her, one strategic plan that taughts to Mr T is to put someone to work in a project of a known scale, then ask them to grow the project, and see if they are ready to develope more than what they actually do a little trick that seems to work.

Interviews and Hiring tips

  • Hiring involves all the managerial body parts: heart, soul, nose and guts
  • Don’t try to do it alone, more guts are better than one
  • Ask new hires to undertake one project at exactly the level of competence they have already proved, to defer real stretch goals till the next time.
  • Ask for pointers: The person you are most inclined to hire may well know of other good possibilities.
  • Listen more than you speak

At the end of the day Waldo gave Mr T a list of the ones who could be the best PM to hire, surprinsingly the list was in the same order that Belinda organized at the beginning of the day, little did Mr T knew that Belinda was the one needed for the job.

All these things work better if you stack the desk

This is a gif of someone beeing interviewed – giphy

This post Deadline

Ok so everything by now seems to be really good, the slow parts about this novel are not anymore, and know it feels like a story that I would like to tell to my grandsons, if I get to have, one of the best things about this part of the book is that they introduced us a new character someone that has more things to teach not only us but our main character, as in the previous post I said, Mr T is a hero who is trying to save the worl, in this case the six morivian projects, but as every other hero story the hero has a master, someone who teaches our hero what to and what not to do, as uncle ben teaching spiderman “With great power comes great responsability” the same with Belinda and Mr T, belinda is teaching Mr T to follow his instincts and that is something that I would never imagine to see in a PM novel, so this is why I think that the novel is doing its job, really well executed and exiting for the readers.

One of the things that really got me into the novel is that there is allways someone that knows more about you, and there is nothing wrong with that, projects are not supposed to be done by one person, sometimes asking for help is needed and there will be someone willing to help, at least in my experience I have asked for help too many times, as well as I have been asked for help too. I have never been the project manager of a big software, but what I have learned is that people are never going to work at their best if the enviroment is not good, as a PM I think that making everyone feels good is escential, following your instincts is also really important because sometimes that voice inside us the one that knows what the best option, guts, heart and soul are exactly what the real world need in every team, as Belinda said, there are some people that even when they does not have that much experience their willing to work and lear is bigger than any experience than someone would have, this is definetely a real life example.

I will rate these chapters as a 9 out of 10, because they showed us exactly what PM is about by giving us real life examples, and the chapters felt kinda interesting, the book is definetely getting better.

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Deadline 3,4 & 5

Before reading

As you know, I am currently writing about a novel that I’m reading, which is Deadline, a novel about project management, by Tom DeMarco, so in these posts we are going to discuss about the chapters of the book and at the end I am giving my truly opinion about the book, In the last chapters the book did not caught our attention, because it felt kind of confusing and slow, lets see if the novel has something special for us.

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——–Reading the chapters——

Chapter 3

By now the book seems to start getting a little interesting, in this chapter of the book Mr T, who is the main character of the novel wakes up in a place that is similar to his home but it’s not home, as soon as he wakes up he saw Ms Hoolihan looking at him, he is mad and angry because he of course notices that he has been kidnaped, but Holihan seems not to pay too much attention to what Mr T feels, because time is running and Mr T needs to start doing the job for what he had been kidnapped. As soon as Holihan starts explainin what Mr T’s job would be she said to Mr T that if he does not what to do the job he is free to leave, but of course Holihan knows that someone like Mr T would never refuse such an oportunity like the one that is being given at the moment, they would pay twice the amount of money that Mr T did back in USA.

This is a gif of a cat being petted-Tenos

A lot of money an a job specially made for Mr T finally convinces Mr T to accept the job, basically Mr T would have a large amount of prepared engineers ready to listen to any order that Mr T decrets, all this engineers ready to work in 6 different projects selected by the NNL, which is the leader of Morovia, the place where Mr T was kidnapped to, seems like Mr T has no other choice than to start working because time is running, and he is the only one who can do the job.

This is a gif of Tom Hanks getting ready to work – Giphy

Chapter 4

In this chapter Mr T it is now ready to start working, he has his own office, where Holihan receives him with an agenda for Mr T, an agenta that has gritten the escencial of good management that Mr T taught to Holihan which are:

  • Get the right people
  • Match them with the right jobs
  • Keep them motivated
  • Help their teams to jell and stay jelled

At the same time Mr T’s assistant is introduced to the story, a guy named Waldo, Waldo is the one who needs to inform Mr T about the happening in Morovia, everything needed about the people who are going to work with Mr T and everything about the projects that Mr T would be developing, eventhough not every project is software related Mr T seems willing to work, because of a serie of missunderstanding with one of the subordinates of the NNL, Mr T sets an appointment to met the NNL, because Mr T dislikes the way that the NNL thinks, and if they want with Mr T they need to know how to work under Mr T’s rules.

  • Change is essential
  • Avoiding risks is fatal
  • People need to feel safe

Chapter 5

Mr T it is now ready to finally meet the NNL, and tell him that he is only doing this job at his own way not other one, as soon as Mr T arrives to the place where the NNL is supposed to be the guards stop him and ask him about the reason why is there, he explains that he is Mr T and as soon as he says his name the guards do something similar to a reverence, like to someone from the real family would be, this of course confuses Mr T, because an action like that to someone like him is not normal back in the USA, he enters the place and a lady whose english is perfect is waiting for him, she introduces herself as Miss Lane and explains to Mr T that the NNL is waiting for him, Mr T follows Miss Lane to a room where the NNL is.

This is a gif of lil Sheldon saying “You are my nemesis” – giphy

Mr T gets to where the NNL is and as soon as Mr T looks at his face he realized that his face seems familiar and that probably they have meet before, but the NNL stops Mr T from asking, the Mr T remembers the reason why he set the appointment, that was because he wanted to say to the NNL that everything must be done under Mr T conditions, Mr T explains his reasons and the NNL accepts it, with no rejection, this because the NNL was tired of people telling him no, Mr T asked him how did he become the NNL, he said that he bought Morovia, thats how he became the NNL, with that he owned the land, the buildings, the resources, but the people, and he needed that people to create those systems.

This is a gif of a twinky – giphy

The NNL decides to talk about an specific project, the one who involves developing an existing software that everyone already uses, Mr T asks about the decision to develope an existing software and how would that will make him gain more money, the NNL explains that everything related to money is not business for Mr T, only the project developement. This is something that Mr T does not like about the NNL.

This post Deadline

Allright this is something unexpected, as we talked in the previous post this novel was everything but interesting, until know, suddendly the novel turned into a story where the main character becomes the hero, the hero must fullfill some task before saving the world, and as the novel tells us, these tasks are osquested by someone who has a lot of power but is not capable of doing these tasks, we meet some secundary characters that would help our hero in these tasks and our hero, who was not convinced at the beggining is now the one who really wants to complete the job, it may not be a superheroes novel, but the way that these chapters developed makes us feel kinda like that.

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Last time was boring, this time it really trapped me, wanted me to know more about the story and how our hero will make the things, avoiding the ones who are trying to stop him and preparing his army to the final battle, at times the chapters felt a little fantastic or nor real, but that can be forgiven because all the other things were just above right, a little of misteriousness, a little of crazyness and a little of overexagerating these things convined made these chapters a lot more interesting that the beggining, I still think that this novel is constantly teaching us some development topics but they are not that heavy, they can be easily handled so it does not matter that much, I wanted to get more about this novel and I got it, which makes me really happy. I will rate these 3 chapters an 8 out of 10, because I got what I wanted and not a 10 because I am hopping to get even more.

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Economics of Software Engineering

In this post we are going to talk about the origins of economics in software engineering, fist of all economic is a science that studies the resources needed to fulfill the human needs, this also includes the human behaviour, and engineering is the science that involves techonologies in the proffesional area. Saying this, economics in software engineering is a field who involves the basis of economics into technology systems.

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At a first look it could seem that a software system may not require any economics knowledge, but that is not true, nowadays every system that is in the market requires a full in depht investigation about the market itself, one big example could be Uber, this system is similar to a taxi system, the only differences are that Uber provides a higher quality service, you get to choose the type of car that you’d like to ride in, and a few extra details that make your ride a lot better than riding a cab.

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Lets analyze how Uber did to make it to a top system

First, the idea of making this system a real thing was to give users a better experience when trying to get to any places, provide a cheaper service and a safer service among the ones that already existed.

Second, establishing the market, unfortunately Uber is not made for everyone, eventhough everyone can hop into a Uber car, not everyone is allowed to use the system, there is an age restriction to use the system.

Third, places where the system would be more required.

Fourth, once competition starts showing up, what will they do to keep being number one worldwide

These are some of the thigns that Uber must have planned before releasing the system, and of course every single point required a little of economics basis, this is why economics in software enginerring could make a difference between a well developed system and a mediocre system.

While trying to introduce economics into any system there are some must requirements that must be fulfilled in order to become sucesfull, some of these are:

Which design are we going to choose among the available and why?

Is it required to change the systems in order to evolve? Why? When?

Are the benefits of the investment really worth?

Is it better a safer system with lower benefits than a risky one with greater benefits?

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Every one of these questions demands a selection between two or more options, all of these involves economics, this because in order to create a system it should be guaranteed that the design and the operations are the ones needed in order to make the system a top tier system, with every system that tries to reach the top there is a high risk, so this is why economics should be sticked when trying to develop a system like that, because all the alternatives are going to be needed and technology all alone can not fulfill all requirements.


Deadline part 1 & 2

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For those who doesn’t know what The deadline is, the deadline is a novel by Tom DeMarco published in 1997, this is one risky project because it tries to teach how does the software project management works using a novel as it’s conductor, the story is about a man who is kidnapped by an organization who is trying to reclute the best talents in order to become one big organization capable of developing world leadership systems.

During these posts we are going to disccus about the adventures that the main character faces during the book, and give our point of view about the novel chapters, with no further to say lets analyse chapters 1 and 2.

Part 1

For the fist part of the book the novel introduce us to an auditorium, where apparently there is a program that will teach the audience how to take advantage of the upcoming oportunities, and notice when an oportunity is given to them. The main character, Mr Tompkins, seems like he does not what to be there because as soon as the novel starts it tell us that Tompkins has ben asleep in the back seats of the auditorium for around an hour, where of couse he has been no been paying attention to the event, as soon as he wakes up the noticed that a well loking woman is sitting right next to him.

Mr Topkins starts asking the woman about the conference that is being given but seems like she does not what to talk about it, little did Mr Topkins know that this woman is sitting next to him for a reason, they are sitting so far behind that they are able to talk without interrupting the event, so they get to meet each other, and when the enviroment between them gets a little trustable the woman offers a light Dr pepper can to Mr Tompkins, which of course had drugs on it, Mr Tompkins falls unconciously after a little time.

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Part 2

The second chapter of the novels seems like some sort of a still drugged dream of Mr Topkins, in this “dream” Mr Tompkins sees the woman who drugged him in everyone’s face, the captain, the pilot, the people around him, everyone has the face of the woman, like of some psychosis, what what happening in the real world is that Mr Tompkins was being kidnapped by the organization whose the woman worked for. A madman Mr Tompkins imagined that he was talking with an actor, because of course the drugs will not let him see the reality yet, both the actor and Mr Tompkins started a conversation in which basically he explained Mr Tompkins that he was being kidnapped because there was some projects that must be done and Tompkins was going to be one of those people needed to do this projects.

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This post deadline

For these two first chapters of the novel there is no much to talk about because we have just met the characters of the novel, we do not know their current situation and the novel at this point has not tell us the main purpose of the whole investigation, for what we can tell is that this is a pretty smart way to make us understand and see how and when does software management systems are involved in the real world situations, of course this is a risky project but that can be really useful for those who likes to read novels, the novels tells us that there is a lot of previous investigation before actions, makes us feel in a spot where fiction and reality try to fuse together and tries to let us know that PM applies to us in every single aspect of our lives.

By now the novel seems a little confusing, it assumes that you will understand what is going in the real worl, and it does not tell you exactly what is happening, you have not finished to meet a character when another character is being introduced to the story, which makes the reader confuse, there is not too much to talk about in the story, the story feels more like a surrealistic novel than a daily situation which I think separates with it’s main purpose, because of that I will rate the introduction to the novel a 5 out of 10, not giving a 4 because I am hopping to get more about this novel.

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